There is an update on Yokoyama Sensei's Funeral on Shakuhachi forum from Kakizakai.

Hi All

We are going to have Yokoyama Katsuya sensei's funeral on 26th April by Buddhism style in Tokyo.
He had said for many times that he wanted to play Sanya (mountain Valley) in his funeral.

We are going to play it at around 11:00 am on 26th Japanese time.
This time is
11 pm in Sao Paulo on 25th
10 pm in New York , Boston on 25th
8 pm in Denver on 25th
7 pm in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle on 25th
3 pm in Honolulu on 25th

10 am in Taipei on 26th
12 am in Sydney on 26th

5 am in Kiev on 26th
4 am in Paris, Barcelona,Munich on 26th
3 am in Landon on 26th

If you have chance to play, please play Sanya together.
Yokoyama sensei often said that "Play it without notation, you have to memorize it".
And added "If your Meri notes are high(not good control) ,I will come back as a ghost".
He liked joking very much. But take care.....


With that being said, on April 25th at 10PM I will be playing Sanya. Will you? It is awesome to think of a world of shakuhachi players being able to come together at one time and play for Yokoyama Sensei.

I will make sure my meri notes are on pitch so his soul can rest :)

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