You may have noticed the image of the sumi-e shakuhachi player in the upper left corner of my blog. This is artwork done by Taniguchi Sensei that I have permission to use. Up until now I have only had a picture of this artwork. I have used it on shirts and my own coffee mug with permission and it has been one of my favorite Taniguchi Sensei sumi-e paintings.

Today, my wife came to my work with a box. The box was from my dear friend Clinton Moy who I have been at numerous shaluhachi camps with. I opened it and inside was a pair of binoculars with my Son Mason's name on then. Some random snacks and underneath of it all was a large envelope.

When I opened the envelope I found a green rice paper wrapping with a stamp on it. When I opened it up I found the original sumi-e artwork hand painted by Taniguchi Sensei of the same logo I am using on my blog and other places. What a gift. I couldn't believe my eyes. It is one of my most treasured possessions! Thank you Clinton for your amazing generosity!

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On April 26, 2010 at 2:37 AM , Bas Nijenhuis said...

Wow that is very nice! Art can be very nice.