You may have seen the announcement on the Shakuhachi Forum but it is my sad duty to inform you that Katsuya Yokoyama Sensei has passed away. From Kakizakai Sensei on the Shakuhachi forum:
I have been a member of this forum for long time.
But this is the first post of mine.
I'm very sorry I have to inform you this very sad news.

Yokoyama Katsuya sensei passed away at 14:40pm 21st April (Japanese time).
There were some cancers in his body.
Original one was "carcinoma of the colon and rectum".

The funeral will be done on 26th. (Tsuya ceremony will be on 25th)
I don't have enough informations about the cremonies so far.

Today will be a day of deep sorrow around the world and my best wishes are with all of his family and students. He is truly a man that has given so much and left an indelible mark on this great instrument we play today!

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