It has been some time since my friend Jon Shingetsu has visited. He was here with one of his latest jinashi 1.8 shakuhachi that he made. It will be no surprise to many of you here that Jon is a great player and flute maker. He said he had just finished it and was getting ready to put it up for sale. I offered to list it here because it was such a nice flute. It is great for playing honkyoku and has a great buzz to it. He is only asking $250 for this flute. He harvested the Japanese bamboo himself, cured it and made the flute. It plays in the key of D. Here is a video of Jon playing it.

Here are some pictures also.

If you are interested in purchasing this flute you can contact Jon directly at:

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On October 22, 2009 at 6:33 PM , Anonymous said...

Had a great time and thanks again fro helping me with the flute sale!