I figured I would share a sometimes forgotten point that I was working on this morning.  When working on a harder piece, don't be afraid to take a few small notes in a hard section and work on them a few at time and make it right.  Sometimes, I have caught myself trying to get through a harder section quicker to avoid dealing with the difficulty or having it's improper playing noticed less.  When I catch myself I correct it as quickly and correctly as possible.  One such instance was my chi-ru-tsu-ru in Hi Fu Mi Hachigaeshi.  I had to slow that part down and really work on it.  Now I am working on Shingetsu and I have found a few more sections in there that I am needing to iron out.  My sensei Michael Chikuzen Gould emphasizes this point and helps me work through pieces this way and his attention to detail really makes a huge difference.  

So, if you run into a hard section on a piece don't be afraid to just play that little part slowly adding more and more until the entire hard section is there and in time and slowly build up to full speed.  The you will have a solid piece with no sloppy sections that make your playing so much better!

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