While I was in a  lesson with Chikuzen one day I noticed him playing on a different flute than normal.  I asked him about it and he proceeded to tell me about a maker in Japan named Justin from Senryu Shakuhachi who was making great Dokyoku style flutes that are perfect for all of the Yokoyama pieces.  He said he was playing the flute because all of the Dokyoku techniques worked so easily an flawlessly on it and it had a great sound.  I asked him to try the flute at the Fall RO camp in Hocking Hills and for whatever reason I couldn't get much of a sound out of it.  I tried it again at the winter RO camp at Stratford and it just sang.  I just got done auditioning it and decided to buy it.  It is a great compliment to my Yung 1.8 and a joy to play.  I recommend you check out Justin's site.  He is making some great flutes. Chikuzen has another Senryu 1.8 and 1.6 for sale for anyone interested in checking one out. Here are some pics for those interested in seeing Justin's work.  I'll post a sound sample soon.


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