I was interested to shakuhachi in 2006 and immediately began to seek lessons.  I began studying with Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin.  I would travel to NYC to visit Ronnie in his dojo for the weekend.  I would also attend his camps in the Philadelphia where I would study with numerous teachers including Kurahashi Yodo II.  

In 2008, I met Michael Chikuzen Gould and started taking Skype lessons with him weekly. I also began attending his quarterly RO camps for live instruction.  I can't stress enough how integral Chikuzen was to my shakuhachi learning.  He has a unique talent for teaching that helps his students make great leaps and bounds in their ability to play.

I have since been to Japan with Chikuzen to study with Taniguchi Sensei and experience the shakuhachi from the Japanese perspective.  In the summer of 2009, I founded the Florida Shakuhachi Camp and we held the first camp in October 2009.  Chikuzen is the Sensei at all Florida Shakuhachi Camps.  They have since been held quarterly in Cross Creek FL and people travel from around the country to attend.  

I continue to study with Chikuzen weekly and I have attained the rank of Chuden. I have almost completed the rank of Okuden and soon I will be working to complete my Jun Shihan.  I thank everyone I have met along the way who have helped me. I especially thank my Wife Tanya and Son Mason for all they have done to support me in this and for all the patience they have had with listening to me play from the very beginning.