I have been practicing a lot lately and thinking about what to write here worth reading. Well it came to me. I watched a movie recommended by my Sensei called "Peaceful Warrior" It was an amazing movie. It really made me think about my playing. One thing I now do is try to be inside each note as it is occurring and not think about what the next note is or how much longer I have left in the piece. I find that I give every note my all then and it lets me really work on note shaping. I also enjoy the pieces more when I am practicing. I have really begun to find new meaning to the pieces and it has helped me to be able to play more often with less frustration. Now I need to find the key to enjoying the fast runs in pieces such as Take to dori. One step at a time grasshopper :)

Also there are a couple of spots open at the FL shakuhachi camp still for those interested.

This entry is dedicated to my friend Clinton Moy who told me to get back here.


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On December 28, 2009 at 2:48 PM , Bas Nijenhuis said...

Welcome back in the saddle and a nice experience you had of the music played. please keep up posting :)