Michael Chikuzen Gould is selling his 2.5 jinashi shakuhachi by Yamaguchi Shugetsu. Custom made for Michael Chikuzen Gould, this is a wide bored jinashi with some spot tuning to make the pitches great. Normally $4500. Chikuzen is offering it for the low price of $2800. He says that he ordered the flute because he wanted a Shugetsu shakuhachi like the one that he made his first solo honkyoku CD with 10 years ago. However, he's been playing a Neptune 2.7 and a Yokoyama Ranpo 2.4 for several years now and although this one certainly holds it's own with these other giants, he simply has no time for practicing so many long flutes. The holes are staggered so it really easy to hold and getting the meri and dai meris are a piece of cake. He's also willing to let you audition the flute too. If you are nterested please contact him at his email.

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