From Chikuzen:

Hello everyone, As a brush up for the Japan trip or as a brush period I thought it would be good to have a weekend camp here at my house in Cleveland. I'm thinking Sept. 25~27. Friday mostly to give out-of-towners a chance to get here and we could start in full sat. morning. We'll go till sunday mid afternoon as usual. Those who live close by are welcome to go home and sleep comfortably and those from afar stay here. Aura will be gone to Papua New Guinea but we'll scrounge around in the fridge and fine some leftovers or something to eat. (Ha Ha..please laugh here). I haven't settled on any set songs and will take requests up until the date. review or rather warming up with Sanya, Honshirabe, Tamuke will be done as we'll probably play those in Japan at Taniguchi's but we could also have him play/teach us something different. Again, for those of you going on the trip, let me know if there's something specific you would like him to teach us and I'll request it. I can't guarantee his answer as he is often moody and will switch things on the moment. (Oh, that's where I got that problem of switching what's on the program! ). I think we can also do some Sankyoku pieces at this "camp". Please contact me about the pieces you'll be playing in Japan. We'll cover them and I'll get them out to anyone coming to this camp so they can practice. If you're not going to Japan you can pick one and we can do it also.Camp will be the same format as usual as far as time goes. We'll have to stop playing about 10:30 at night though. The price will be $200. but we might be eating some of the meals out. breakfast here but lunch and dinner we'll have to see. We have a new Japanese restaurant down the street that has temaki zushi half price on saturdays and it's good stuff. There's also Tai, Chinese, Indian and Whole Foods around. We'll survive! I'm keeping this as a gathering of Advanced players as the space won't accommodate that many people. Please send any questions you may have this way (instead of that way). I look forward to seeing you and playing together again.


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