Shugyo (修行) may be defined literally as "conducting oneself in a way that inspires mastery". While the meaning of the kanji used in "shu" was originally translated as 'using a brush to strike away the dust that obscures the viewing of a persons original elegance', the combined kanji of "shu" and "gyo" (carrying out, walking along) is now generally translated as simply "severe or austere training". The kanji rendered for this version of "shugyo" is most commonly associated with Buddhist asceticism, and most notably, the "shugenja" (修験者, ascetic mountain-dwelling monks). Definition from Tsuki Kage Dojo

I recently started a shugyo and it is amazing how quickly it has made a difference in my playing. I will be playing in Tampa FL at a "Zen" oncology center on April 22nd and I will be playing in the garden to provide some atmosphere during an open house. The catch is that it is a ten hour long obligation. Essentially, I will be playing for 30 minute followed by a 20 minute break throughout the day except for a 1 hour lunch break and dinner break. I have started playing in 1/2 hr increments through the day with 1/2 hr breaks to get prepared. I started off doing it for 4 hrs and every 2 days I am going to add an hour to the mix to get me to the 10 hrs by April 22nd. In just a couple of days of doing it I have noticed a big upswing in consistency and strength. It is a lot of fun and if you have never untaken a Shugyo I recommend it. It can be done in many forms. If you see Phil Nyokai James tip page you can find a few simple Shugyo to start with. If you start one let me know in comments.

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