I played a 10 hour long day yesterday from 10am to 8pm at WellSpring in Tampa, FL. It was a great time and a great opportunity to meet many great people. WellSpring was celebrating their one year anniversary and they hired me to play shakuhachi in their garden throughout the day to help with the atmosphere. WellSpring is a large healthcare facility specializing in state of the art Oncology. They have brought patient care back to the forefront and work to make patients calm and cared for. The entire staff and atmosphere there is very relaxing and it has a very warm and loving feel to it. They had tea ceremony in the garden while I played as well as a japanese food tasting. I have some pictures my friend Jon Kypros (Shingetsu Flutes) took before the party got in full swing and the garden filled up. A highlight of the day was when an older Japanese lady sat down next to me on a bench and began to sing Sakura with me. She said her mother used to sing that wong to her all the time and she hadn't heard it in years. Seeing her smile made my day.

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