I was lucky enough to get a whole row of seats to myself on the plane home from Chikuzen's camp  last night.  While on the plane I worked on things I could work on without blowing like my minyo trills and  korokoro.  I have been trying to smooth these techniques out and a good uninterrupted  hour and a half of slowly working on these techniques can help you a lot.  I start all harder techniques like korokoro with a slow and steady pace with a count and never go faster than I can do the exercise in time.  Then I speed up as I can keep the consistency.  I normally would have done this with a metronome and moved my fingers with the beats but in this case it was easier to just count 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and...  I noticed when I got up this morning to practice that korokoro was much easier and smoother.  Not perfect, but every minute of practicing perfectly is like money in the bank.  I always devote at least 5 minutes a day to each technique and make sure I do it whole hearted with a goal in mind.  That 5 minutes is much more fruitful than a lazy hour of poor practice.  Practice perfectly and practice songs like you were performing them and your progress will be faster and your time used more efficiently used.

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