A new spark!

     My old friend Jon Kypros has outdone himself with his new creation!  He has created a new affordable shakuhachi called "The Bell".  I have been away from playing for some time but when I saw his new creation I was intrigued.  

     He has created a molded flute made of an "eco-composite" that is element resistant and actually looks real in person.  I can't tell you how many people have had to see the mold line on the rear of the flute to believe it wasn't bamboo.  

    I own some very nice flutes and have played some amazing flutes in my time including treasures from Taniguchi's collection and this flute is very balanced and the tone is beautiful.  It has become my go to flute for daily playing.  It is balanced between the octaves with no issues achieving full tones rivaling my professional Senryu jiari flute.

Check out this video below and do yourself a favor... get one while he is still producing them!  http://www.flutedojo.com

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